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dgApps is a small company based in Ireland, about 40 miles south of Dublin.

dgApps uses the Apple iOS and iPadOS SDKs and Xcode IDE to code, develop, test, run, debug and fine tune applications for iOS and iPadOS. iOS and iPadOS comprise the operating system and technologies that are used to run apps natively on Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices.

Do you have an idea for an iPhone app? Not quite sure of all the details? dgApps can help! We can turn your ideas into fully functioning, beautiful looking, engaging apps for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices.

Even if your ideas aren't 100% fully formed, we can advise and suggest so that the end product goes above and beyond your expectations. Your app can be released under the dgApps banner, or we can get you through the rather convoluted method of releasing it under your own name on the Apple App Store.

Contact us with your app ideas, and see them evolve, develop, and come to life on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!