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Changes by dgApps is an iPhone and iPad app that controls aux send levels on DiGiCo SD and DiGiCo Quantum audio mixing desks in the way that musicians ask for changes:

"On this song, I need a bit more drums".
Changes has the desk input information, and allows you to create sets of inputs. Changes also has aux output and snapshot information.

In the required app snapshot you create a Change, and select your set of inputs, select the musicians' aux output, and give the amount of change required in dB.

Next time you recall that snapshot on the desk, Changes will retrieve the levels from all those inputs to that aux, and apply the required dB change to those aux nodes' present levels.

"Drums +2 dB for Mike in Cracker Island".
As you recall the next snapshot on the desk, Changes will reset all the previous snapshots' changes back to where they were, before applying any new changes for the just recalled snapshot.
Changes by dgApps was successfully used by Gorillaz on the Strange Time Streams in December 2020, at the O2 Arena London in August 2021, and the Boardmasters Festival in August 2021. Since then Changes by dgApps has been used on the Gorillaz World Tour 2022, which is about to head to North America for seven weeks.

Changes will be available via Apple TestFlight for public beta testing sometime before the end of 2022.