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Doris by dgApps is the app to send and receive MIDI commands from your iPhone or iPad.

Each Doris Project can have multiple Screens of multiple Buttons.
Each Button can be one of nine different sizes, and each Button can be one of six different types:

Note On Note Off
A Button that sends Note On and Note Off MIDI commands, with the same channel and note for each command. These Buttons send a Note On command on touch and a Note Off command on the next touch, or they can be momentary, sending a Note On command on touch and a Note Off command on release.

Control Change
A Button that sends a Control Change MIDI command via a slider for a specific channel and specific control change number.

Program Change
A Button that sends a Program Change MIDI command on touch, with a configurable channel and program number.

Multiple MIDI
This Button type can have any number of on MIDI commands and any number of off MIDI commands. The on MIDI commands are sent on touch and the off MIDI commands are sent on a second touch, or on release if the Button is momentary. The MIDI commands can be sent all at once, or one after the other sequentially, both for the on MIDI commands and the off MIDI commands. Each MIDI command can be a Note On, Note Off, Program Change, or a Control Change command.

All Buttons will flash when they receive their MIDI Command, whether the command comes from another Button or from outside Doris. Flash Buttons go further in that they can be configured to flash for a specific MIDI command on a specific channel, or all MIDI commands on all channels, or any combination of commands and channels in between those two extremes.

Blank buttons are only visible in Edit mode. They are used to help with the layout of Buttons across the Screen.
Each MIDI command is fully configurable visually: text, font, text size, text weight, text alignment, text colour, symbol, symbol colour, and background colour

All configuration of Doris Projects, Screens, and Buttons is accomplished directly in the app. There’s no requirement for any other software.

There is an always available MIDI screen that logs incoming MIDI Commands and can send specific MIDI Commands. The screen also enables MIDI via Bluetooth connections.

Doris can share DORIS files via all the usual share options, and import saved DORIS files into new Projects.

Doris was successfully used with Blur  during their 2023 - 2024 tour, and with The Script  during 2024.