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Faders by dgApps is an iPhone and iPad app that has user definable touch faders that can control any fader on a DiGiCo SD or DiGiCo Quantum audio mixing desk:

  • Channel faders
  • Aux Output faders
  • Group Output faders
  • Matrix Output faders
  • Control Group faders

    Each app fader can also control any node on the desk:

    • Channel input to aux output nodes
    • Matrix input to matrix output nodes

      Additionally app faders can control multiple other app faders. And each of those faders can control any fader or node on the desk.

      For example, one app fader can control multiple channel input to aux output nodes, and not necessarily nodes on the same aux output.

      Faders by dgApps was successfully used by Gorillaz on the Strange Time Streams in December 2020, at the O2 Arena London in August 2021, and the Boardmasters Festival in August 2021. Since then Faders by dgApps has been used on the Gorillaz World Tour 2022, which is about to head to North America for seven weeks.
      If you'd like to connect more than one device running Faders by dgApps to a DiGiCo SD or DiGiCo Quantum desk, then take a look at another of our apps: Router by dgApps.