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Macros by dgApps is an iPhone and iPad app that fires macros on DiGiCo SD  and DiGiCo Quantum  audio mixing desks.

Use the iPhone that's in your pocket to fire desk macros, no Stream Deck and Raspberry Pi required. Macros are displayed via stage plan screens and via button screens.

Stage plan screens are fully editable, and items on screen also respond to aux send pfls and aux send mutes from the desk, so you can always see what's happening even if your aux outputs are on a bank of faders not currently on the surface. Each item on screen can fire one desk macro, and items can be grouped together to fire their macro and respond to an aux pfl and mute as one.

Button screens are also fully editable. Buttons can fire one or many macros in sequence. Buttons can also be grouped together so that a common off macro is fired before the specific botton macro is fired.

A Macros session can have multiple stage plan screens and multiple button screens.

Macros was successfully used on tour with The Good, the Bad & the Queen  throughout 2018 and 2019. It was also used extensibly on the The Nearer The Fountain  tour during 2021 and early 2022.

Since then Macros has been used on the Gorillaz  World Tour 2022, which concluded with a seven week North American leg.