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In production since February 2013, SetList by dgApps has been used by Monitor Engineer Dave Guerin on every gig he's done since then! All his stored SetList files are available in the app as examples.

SetList allows you to keep notes on what every musician plays and requires for each song in a set, and much more. Songs can be reordered as per each day's set, and the estimated timing of that set calculated.

Notes for a song can be marked as pre notes and/or as post notes, so that are displayed in the song before and/or after the current song. Which guitar is required for the next song? SetList can tell you that.

SetList can also send and receive MIDI. The Musical Director cues the next song and sends a MIDI command, and SetList moves to that song. Or SetList can send MIDI commands to an audio desk to recall the correct snapshot for that song.

SetList by dgApps is currently in use on the Gorillaz World Tour 2022, which is about to head to North America for seven weeks.

SetList will be available via Apple TestFlight for beta testing in the very near future.